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My Programs

Different ways to achieve your goals:

There are different ways which will bring you closer to your goals. In a personal consultation we will find out which one suits you best. Every offer includes a 6 weeks money back guarantee – no risk, no questions asked.

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Personal coaching and mental training program:

We will define your personal needs and goals you want to achieve. We will identify your values, what is really important to you and your talents that make you unique. Often do we work with the so-called saboteurs or inner critics which hinder you in being fully happy, in really doing well and in performing the way you wish to perform. You will learn techniques of mental training and by this change your habits in the long run.

The program includes:

  • 8 individual sessions (each being one full hour) over the period of 4 months

  • Personal support via email or phone if needed

  • Coaching, mental training and stress handling which is completely individual and adopted to your personal needs.

Six weeks intensive Mental Fitness Program:

This intensive program is perfect for you seeking after a long-lasting change in habits, if you want to handle negative emotions and your inner critics (so called saboteurs) in a better way. You will learn to listen to your inner dialogue and to slowly shift from judging yourself, others and situations to be more empathetic, to do better and to perform better. We will together identify ways how performance and wellbeing can go hand in hand. The program includes:

  • An individual Kick-off meeting where we define your personal needs and goals

  • A six weeks intensive app-guided mental fitness program by Positive Intelligence 

  • Weekly individual calls (over the period of 6 weeks)

  • Personal support

  • The e-book Positive Intelligence (PDF & Audio book supplied)

  • Weekly videos (over 6 weeks, each approx. 60 min.)

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